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The Unique-to-You fit is first achieved by creating a mold from the 3D scan of your head using our top-of-the line 3D scanner. From this, your hairline, parting, and crown are measured and marked. Freedom Hair then creates a flexible, permeable medical grade silicone cap tinted to your skin color. This cap is fitted to your mold and follows every curve, dent, and shape of your scalp. Untreated, high quality virgin human  hair is then hand implanted into the cap. Each hair is placed to create a natural look and generate movement to your preference. Once you receive your prosthesis, you can customize even further through salon styling. This hair is truly and uniquely you!









 The difference is clear when you compare Freedom Wigs to any other wig available. Traditional wigs have two problems: an uncomfortable cap and poor hair quality. The cap is usually woven from itchy material and requires you to wear a net or bandana underneath. The wig cap can be ill-fitting and can slip without glue or tape. The Freedom Wig cap is made from high quality medical grade silicone. No itching, chafing, or pain from glue is present with the vapor-permeable cap. It is hypoallergenic and can be easily cleaned with detergent soap and water. The hair on traditional wigs can be problematic. Most fashion wigs do not look or act like real hair, especially if they are synthetic. The strands are placed in rows and do not behave like natural hair. Even real hair wigs aren’t without fault. Many fashion wig companies use processed hair. Freedom Wig only uses the highest quality unprocessed human hair. With Freedom hair, you have the choice to customize, however, with other wigs you are limited to specific styles, colors, and caps. Freedom hair allows you to customize everything from the color down to the parting. The difference is clear, the choice is Freedom.

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