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Having alopecia should not limit you from participating in the activities you loved. Traditional wigs can slip and slide, glue can dissolve when wet, and velcro can blow off in the wind. Freedom Wigs allow you to live life, active and free. Swimming can be stressful with a traditional wig. Freedom Hair’s unique vacuum seal allows for a secure fit that can hold the hair piece in place while swimming. Hiking, biking, or even running can be difficult as well with a traditional wig, but not with a Freedom Wig. With a traditional wig, not only can the glue dissolve with sweat, the itchy cap can be uncomfortable as well. If you are active and sweat, the silicone cap has a vapor permeable barrier that allows the cap to breathe. The cap stays comfortable and won’t slide. For me, windy days were always a fear when wearing my old wigs. I needed to have one hand on my hair at all times. This can be difficult if you have things in your hands or are just walking down the street. I am no longer worried because I know the vacuum seal will keep my hair in place. I have been able to hike, swim, and run without stress thanks to Freedom Wigs. If you find traditional wigs do not support your active lifestyle, Freedom Hair is for you!

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