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At three years old, I first started showing patches of hair loss and nearly lost all of my hair within a year. Throughout my life I struggled with intermittent alopecia areata with years of little loss and years of extensive loss.  This severely impacted my self esteem and my interaction with others. I would cover my bald patches with powder, hats, and bandanas. I began steroid injections for years that ultimately affected my health negatively; combating my own body’s defense system.  I finally decided to take control over my alopecia and began wearing wigs. Every wig I tried was itchy, uncomfortable, and did not support my active lifestyle. Thankfully, I discovered Freedom Wigs and my whole life changed! The vacuum seal allows me to hike, swim, and run without discomfort. I no longer have to worry about the challenges in wearing a traditional wig. Freedom hair manufactures each hairpiece by hand using the highest quality unprocessed human hair available. Each wig is crafted with a custom vacuum seal made through 3D imaging to create a cap unique to your head. Freedom offers a range of natural hair colors and movement to get you back to feeling confident and free.

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